Pledge drive

Help Woodlawn's Blackstone Bicycle Works collect a cool $20,000 toward educating youth.

Bike-pic.jpgAnonymous donors can really kick-start a community into donating to a worthy cause, like bike repair and educating youth. This press release will get you up to speed on just such a specifically-worded cause: "An anonymous foundation has just awarded Blackstone Bicycle Works, the Experimental Station's youth education program, a $5,000 matching grant for each of 2010 and 2011! To receive the grant, Experimental Station must bring in at least $5,000 in donations from NEW donors each year." Sweet!

Blackstone Bike Works employees, volunteers, and kids aged 9-16 from Woodlawn (who earn a bike of their own with 25 hours of work) refurbish and sell old bikes and repair or tune up others at its workshop on 61st Street and Blackstone Avenue, as well as on campus each fall and spring. The bikes they sell are inexpensive and sturdy and repair is cheap, too, and the Blackstone Bike sticker is common on bikes parked outside University buildings.

What more do you need to know to kick this fundraiser into high gear? Here's the link again: Donate!

Asher Klein, '11

July 28, 2010