What farflung phenomenon correlates with the release of the new Freakonomics super-documentary, starring professor Steven Levitt?

Remember Freakonomics, the book? Remember how much fun it was to read, how much learning it inspired? Wish you could relive that experience, but in feature-length, documentary-film form? Well, good news! Levitt and Dubner are back, in a movie directed by six acclaimed documentarians, including Morgan Spurlock, director and star of Super Size Me. Reviews of Freakonomics's showing at the Tribeca Film Festival this April were positive, if not glowing.

Freakonomics (the movie) will be available for download on iTunes September 3 and will be released in theaters October 1; look for a post on Freakonomics (the blog) explaining how this unorthodox release schedule will affect sales of knock-off Ray-Bans on the streets of Berlin. Meantime, check on the movie's trailer, which indicates it'll have the look and soundtrack of a twee new rom-com, and note the lorem ipsum in the title cards. "Aliquam sed neque" indeed.


Asher Klein, '11

August 23, 2010