While the cat’s away

Overheard in a creative-writing class.

Some conversations and comments caught during a graphic-novel writing class last Wednesday, while instructor Paul Hornschemeier ran late thanks to a lack of campus parking:

Student A: “Did you guys hear about the squirrel in Cobb?”
Student B: “What?”
Student A: “There was a squirrel in Cobb.”
Student B: “Is that the whole story?”

“That might be the worst reason to have an abortion I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s safe to assume that everyone on the Internet is 14, questioning their sexuality, and really angry at Jews.”

“I need to adopt a homeless person and feed them.”

“I worked at an Apple store for two years, and people ask some really dumb questions, including if computers work at night.”

“When the gas company came to fix [the leak in my apartment], they realized we hadn’t paid a gas bill. Ever.”

“[Cold showers] put hair on the chest.”
“I don’t need help.”

Ruth E. Kott, AM'07

Editor's note: You don't need a wiretap to read more random campus conversations. If you enjoyed this mini sampling of overheard silliness, you might also like the regularly updated conversation comments at the Facebook group "Overheard at UChicago."

October 20, 2010