Bleak to chic

MODA’s bloggers share sunny fashion tips for an unforgiving winter.

As a teenager growing up in Connecticut, I wore the latest fashions and did so winter weather be damned. “Dancing shoes on ice—sure that’s a good idea, punkin?” my mom would call out as I teetered down the slick front steps in patent-leather Mary Janes.

College first-year Cathay Zhao is a girl after my own heart. Writing for MODA, a UChicago fashion organization that sponsors an annual runway show, Zhao outlines how winter fashionistas can look polished when temperatures plummet. Titled “What to Wear When Hell Freezes Over,” the entry offers some ingenious suggestions like layering leggings over tights to create insulation and maintain a sleek look.

Look out Anna Wintour—here comes Chicago style.

Katherine Muhlenkamp

February 22, 2011