Audio/Visuals: Best in show choir

Filmmaker Marissa Flaxbart, AB'05, revisits her old glee clubs in Chesterton, Indiana, to make a documentary about high-school show-choir life.

By Ruth E. Kott, AM'07


It's hard enough to sing in front an auditorium full of people. But add choreography in unison with a group of other singers—on risers!—and it becomes a whole other animal. In Marissa Flaxbart's new documentary, show/choir, shot during the 2005–06 school year at her alma mater Chesterton High School, she follows two of her high school's singing groups, the Sandpipers and the Drifters.

Show choir "was the thing that most dominated your time and your life,” Flaxbart, AB'05, told the UChicago News Office. “The excitement of being on stage is very real, very exhilarating.”

April 21, 2011