UChi Bizarre-ketplace: What do you want and why?

A sampling of what UChicagoans want—or at least what they’re advertising for in the Wanted section on Marketplace.

By Carrie Golus, AB'91, AM'93


I’m pretty open to any style of collaboration–– I can write words for your music, music for your words, a bit of both, or we can just meet to test and swap ideas.

My big songwriting influences are Hank Williams, Kurt Cobain, and Rogers & Hammerstein.

WANTED: Portable AM radio

I'm looking for a portable radio that gets AM reception. I've tried a few before but they don't come in well where I work, in the stacks at the Reg. Now that I work on the B level I'm even less hopeful but if you have one that you think would be strong enough, please let me know.

WANTED: Models!

Are you interested in fashion or a career in modeling? If so, come to our casting call. We are looking for beautiful models for print in magazines and in fashion. Even if you have never modeled before, you never know what kind of talent you have inside you. I welcome anyone who has ever wanted to try to be in front of a camera. Pricing is negotiable and affordable and offers you a chance to get plugged into America's hottest fashion scenes! Our professional studios are located right here in Hyde Park!

WANTED: Participants for a Collaborative Video Art Kickstarter Project about LAKE MICHIGAN

Songs recorded on answering machines are so so nice. Exceptional & unforgettable is the sound of a jubilant voice through a phone line - and this special quality of audio is the kind I've chosen to apply in harmony with this video piece, SING TO ME: Lake Michigan.

How you can support and become involved in the project:

  • Collaborate by pledging to a SINGING SPOT, where you are given a chance to sing about Lake Michigan
  • There are 12 'Singing Spots' available for this project - reserve yours by pledging $10.00.*
  • When all $120 is raised, you will receive an e-mail with a special SING TO ME telephone number.
  • When you are ready, you will call and leave a 1 - 30 second freestyle or practiced song about Lake Michigan after the beep.

Note: All songs must be free of profanity, blasphemy, & general negativity/improperness. Total discretion is given to the artist to cut a song for any of the above reasons.

This song message will then be gathered with the other songs and incorporated with video art images from the Lake.

The final video art piece will be submitted to Chicago galleries and select film festivals.

*lowered from $30!

April 28, 2011