Searching for Scavies

Must-see Scav Hunt highlights

By Mitchell Kohles, '12

The University of Chicago Scav Hunt celebrated its 25th birthday this year, setting a world record for the world's largest scavenger hunt and churning out another gargantuan list (pdf) of apocryphal and near-impossible items.

While much of this history may be confined to alumni memories, we dug through the kipple of YouTube and relived some notable achievements from the past five years.


“That Guy Kid” Action Figure – 2008
A great illustration of what it is to be both Scavie and UChicago student, but why couldn’t they get the title right? Who’s “That Guy?”


SuperCrocks – 2010
Starring star professor Paul Sereno. Not much of a video, but this is just too funny.


Strandebeest – 2007
The poor video quality belies the enormous accomplishment. Few items are worth 300 points.


Hamlet: Will it Blend? – 2007
The kid just commits so hard that you can’t help but forgive him for using an immersion blender.


Sexiled to the Library – 2007
First as tragedy, then as farce. This has definitely happened before.


Science. Magic. Time – 2009
The “magic” trick is in tribute to Tesla's contribution to the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, as is this soon-to-end exhibit.


Avatar 1-D – 2010
Charming, and maybe the only video on the list with any production value to speak of.

August 24, 2011