Hey, peeps, chick it out


Can you top this chick and bunny art? Test the waters in our Peeps Diorama Contest, back by popular demand.

Laura Wunder, AB’85, tasted sweet victory in 2009 with her diorama “Peeps at the Point.” Her competition proved sticky, as entrants included the minutest of details in Nobel Prize ceremonies, UChicago film scenes, and naked polar-bear runs. See the entries, for laughs or for inspiration, on the Magazine’s Flickr set. This spring we bring back our Peeps Diorama Contest. The rules:

  1. Make a diorama using Peeps. All shapes of the sprinkled-sugar and marshmallow confections are accepted.
  2. The Peeps should portray a Maroon moment—a campus scene, a local hero, or a book, phrase, film, or production with a University connection. Originality counts.
  3. Send a high-resolution JPEG of your finished product to uchicago-magazine@uchicago.edu, with “Peeps Diorama Contest” in the subject line. All entries must arrive by midnight Sunday, April 3 April 10.
  4. Include your name, degree/graduation year or other UChicago affiliation, contact information, and a brief description of your scene. Puns and wordplay welcome.

Just Born candy company will send prizes to the winners, as judged by the Magazine staff. First prize: a $100 gift certificate to the Peeps & Company store, presented in a gift box with Peeps and other Just Born candies. Second place receives a $50 gift certificate to the online store, also in a gift box. Just Born has permission to post winning dioramas.

After you’ve spent hours on your installation, make sure it shows well to the judges. Longtime Magazine photographer Dan Dry offers tips on how to shoot your diorama—lighting, background, zooming, positioning, and editing.

Amy Braverman Puma

"Peeps at the Point" by Laura Wunder

February 25, 2011