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Hyde Park snark
Q&A with David Hoyt, AB'91
May 8, 2009

"But rather than a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down, Hoyt prefers oil of vitriol. He has a particular genius for writing offensive, occasionally obscene headlines and photo captions, and his analysis is bitingly funny—as long he’s writing about somebody else."

UChi Bizarre-ketplace: April 2009
Apr. 24, 2009

"I’m not a stalker, OK? Well, I try not to be. But the Internet makes it so easy. It started out innocently enough. While browsing UChi Marketplace, I found myself wondering, what’s a baby mini lop?"

UChi Bizarre-ketplace: March 2009
Mar. 27, 2009

"Trying to get pregnant? Speak to Me in Foucault! Robert Pape's *Bombing to Win*" Most of the listings on UChi Marketplace —the University’s version of Craigslist—are fairly banal: books for sale, rooms to rent, the kind of thing that would have appeared on fliers in an earlier era. But like everything on the Internet, the easier it is to post, the easier it is to be weird.

A presidential drugstore
Feb. 16, 2009

“What is up with the Obama Walgreens?” a North Side friend wanted to know. I had never really thought about it. It’s my local Walgreens, on the corner of 55th Street and Lake Park, and I’m in there at least twice a week. But its transformation into Barack Obama Headquarters—and it says so on the LED sign out front—was so gradual, I was like the frog that had been dropped into a pot of cold water and then boiled alive without realizing the water was getting warmer.

January 1, 2004