True Maroons: Debra Cafaro, Joshua Cooper Ramo, David Hoffman, and more

"Ventas Inc. CEO Debra Cafaro Credits Pittsburgh Roots, Sports for Her Strong Foundation" (Chicago Tribune, Jun. 22, 2009)
"Young women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders," says Debra Cafaro, JD'82. "Get rid of the guilt. You're not responsible for everything in the world."

"Global Imperative (New York Times, Jun. 19, 2009)
The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo, AB'92, "has one basic theme that is a little difficult for me, which is that my generation is sort of a bunch of dodos," says Henry Kissinger, in a critique of his protégé's book.

"Chicago's City Hall Gets an Unlikely Conscience" (Telegraph Herald, Jun. 21, 2009)
From City Hall, David Hoffman, JD'95, works to mend Chicago's image, long tarnished by political scandals: "Whatever our history is, it doesn't mean we can't change."

"Talking Tobacco Companies into Regulation (Weekend Edition, NPR, Jun. 20, 2009)
David A. Kessler, JD'78, speaks with Steve Parrish, a former Altria executive, about FDA regulation of the tobacco industry during an interview with Weekend Edition host Alison Stewart.

"Acupuncturist Applies Needles—and Compassion (San Francisco Chronicle, Jun. 15, 2009)
Writer Edward Guthmann profiles acupuncturist, poet, and amateur boxer Halé Tokay, who attended the University of Chicago in the late '60s.


  • "Yang Selected for Fellowship" (Law School News Office, June 2009)
    Anabelle Yang, JD'09, has been selected for the Presidential Management Fellows Program, joining several other members of the Law School Class of 2009 who have received prestigious public service fellowships, including Kristin Greer Love (Skadden Fellow, Centro de los Derechos del Migrante); Dominique Nong (Southern Poverty Law Center fellowship); Kent Qian (Skadden Fellow, National Housing Law Project); and Grisel Ruiz (Sutro Fellowship, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation).

  • "NCC Professor, Leader Richard Eastman Dies" (Beacon News, Jun. 22, 2009)
    North Central College's Richard M. Eastman, AM'49, PhD'52, died at the age of 92.

June 22, 2009